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Rainwater Catchment

Harvesting rainwater is an ancient practice with modern-day benefits. You can collect rainwater from the roof of your home, and store it for later use. Rainwater harvesting systems range from a simple barrel under the downspout of a roof gutters—to plugging into your plumbing system. 

Harvesting rainwater helps control storm-water runoff - this reduces erosion and minimizes the threat of flooding. It also puts the saved water to use - for gardens, toilets, laundry, bathing. Rainwater can save on utility bills because the roof of a 1,000-square-foot house can collect 600 gallons per one inch of rain.

Rainwater barrels cost less than $100 and include a spigot that allows users to easily fill up watering cans or attach a hose. Locate barrels under a downspout  - the higher you raise the barrel, the better the water pressure.